Purposeful Positioning$89

Learn exactly how to push during labor
Every position you need to know to shorten labor and make delivering your baby an easier (and
joyful!) process.
Comprehensive video instruction at your own pace

Birth is a completely natural process... 


But somehow over the years, we've lost the connection to how our bodies are designed to work...  

We've believed that our bodies might not do it right.  

Most women show up at the hospital expecting someone to help them through the process...  

But the sad truth is that labor and delivery units are painfully understaffed. 


And there just isn't time to go over everything that needs to be studied *before* the baby comes... 


Which is why you need to practice and study well in advance. 


Childbirth classes might not have the space to teach you all the positions or movements needed to make your labor more powerful. 


And they certainly don't walk you through how to labor or the best pain management techniques. 


From the hospital's point of view, you're going to be lying flat on your back - which is easiest for the staff, but definitely not the most effective for birthing a baby quickly! 


Trust me, after seeing this process thousands of times (and going through it 6 times myself), I know a few things for sure:  

  • Labor goes a lot faster when you've got a range of positions to try. 
  • Labor pain is a lot easier to manage when you truly understand what to expect. 
  • Labor feels a lot more triumphant when you embrace and celebrate your powerful body. 

When you're able to get through labor faster, with less pain, and with a feeling of triumph - you're way less likely to end up in the operating room for a c-section. 


Look, there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to birth...just like no two babies are the same.  

But ultimately, there are patterns and formulas to follow that result in the best possible outcomes. 


Which is why I want to teach you how to confidently take control of the delivery room. I want you to exercise your rights as the confident queen of your labor. 


And I want you to understand *why* and *how* to make decisions when they are presented to you. 


All of this is what I'm here to teach you. 


Inside the Purposeful Positioning Course, I'm going to teach you how to think like a labor and delivery nurse, all at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

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Confident Student

I truly feel like this course turned the tides from what would have been an incredibly traumatic birth to a curveball birth where I still felt empowered and knowledgeable and in control. I am so glad both my daughter and I are safe and that I felt so confident in our decision-making under high stress and pressure. Thank you Trish and this whole community!

Confident Student 

Hello Ladies!! My beautiful girl came on Tuesday, her due date!! I am so grateful to this group and for the education and support.  I feel so good about how it went 

and I can seriously say I would have been lost without this course.