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Confident Student

Seriously thank you for all of the knowledge and content you poured into your birth course! Thank you for preparing me for everything from the first contractions to asking for delayed cord clamping. You seriously helped me more than you know!

Confident Student

I'm surprised how at peace I am with how it all happened and I feel like I gave it my all and I'm so happy he's here and healthy and that I at least got a gentle c-section experience Thank you Trish for including the section in the lab to prepare in case of c-section because at least I had that to my credit this time! It was all in my birth plan thanks to you!

Confident Student

I truly feel like this course turned the tides from what would have been an incredibly traumatic birth to a curveball birth where I still felt empowered and knowledgeable and in control. I am so glad both my daughter and I are safe and that I felt so confident in our decision-making under high stress and pressure. Thank you Trish and this whole community!

Confident Student 

Hello Ladies!! My beautiful girl came on Tuesday, her due date!! I am so grateful to this group and for the education and support.  I feel so good about how it went 

and I can seriously say I would have been lost without this course.